Hello Readers!

This is a fitness program for those of us who want to upgrade the quality of our busy lives.

As much as I love reading, I have fallen away from curling up with good books. My world does not allow this. I no longer have the patience to sit and read after a long work day as a consultant, on the telephone, and in front of a computer. The idea for Audio Book Fitness, a program of fitness and wellness—physical and mental—was born out of necessity to get my body fit, my intellect (synapses) firing, and to feed my soul. I found that I get just as much enjoyment out of reading by doing it the ‘audio book fitness’ way.

Most of the books I have been exposed to are enticing and some are even addictive. While keeping my heart rate at a steady 125 bpm during my cardio workout, I’ve listened to words that have wrapped themselves around the globe…I’ve visited England, Afghanistan, China and India and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean…. I’ve stepped on an elliptical trainer to workout, only to be transported like a traveler on a time machine, often hundreds of years back in time.

I’ve also used my workout times for career education. ‘Reading’ books like Tribes, Monster Careers: Networking, Made to Stick, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

This is my idea of a holistic FITNESS program. And if you decide to join the journey, I’d love for you to share YOUR experiences with me and the rest of the world…through your success stories, book reviews, questions and comments. Let’s create a community of Audio Book Fans who maintain or acquire a fantastic fitness level – physical and mental – one book at time.

I want to know: what book works for you when you are on a walk or in the gym? What experiences can you share about insights during listening?


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5 Responses to “Hello Readers!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Great idea! When I run or walk I take my MP3 and “read”. I find it more engaging and more motivating than music. As you said, sometimes I can’t wait for my next jog, so I can learn what happens next in the story I’m reading.
    I just finished reading “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. Very funny. Kept me smiling through the exercise. Everyone probably wonders what music I’m listening to. But it’s a book. The bonus on this one is it is an autobiographical piece read by the author.
    Audiobook fitness has been there for me for years. ’bout time someone has given it the stature it deserves. Thanks!

  2. Lee Says:

    Great idea. I just finished “Wicked” and look forward to seeing the musical. Great to read an opera synopsis before a performance. I also did a visiting London guide book to the British Museum while I was there. Wow, makes the exhibits much more interesting.

    I hope there can be a reading club where a book is chosen each month and then we can share.

  3. Angelynn Says:

    Where’s the best place to get audio books? This is a great idea!

  4. Bill Bennett Says:

    Fab idea! I am a long standing Audio book fanatic. They saved my sanity when I used to live in Los Angeles, commuting from West Hollywood to Pasadena.
    I recently enjoyed listening to Gorky Park on my ipod while shoveling 12 inches of snow from our long driveway (90 minute workout!). The book takes place in cold snowy Moscow, so it was the perfect companion piece!


    Bill Bennett
    Newtown, Conneciticut

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