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Russki Boot Camp

January 9, 2010

A couple of Russian woman in my neighborhood, Tatiana and Alysia,  have taken to walking the streets at night. This mother-daughter duo invited me to come along last month. Now, this is NOT what you think. I am referring to their exercise program, which I affectionately call Russki Boot Camp. They walk 10, 000 steps every day and I joined them. Many times I walk with only Tatiana, the matriarch of the two.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we are committed to sticking with the program. This takes up a good 1.5 hours a day and is a partly responsible for me taking a break from reviewing audio books and engaging in ‘social networking’.

One of the benefits is that I am now learning Russian and as you can tell from my first words, our conversations run the gamut of  food, relationships, and politics. My first vocabulary words are as follows:
bystryee – faster
zavtra – tomorrow
dieta – diet
yeda – food
politika – politics
Ded – grandfather
YA tebya lyublyu  – I love you

If you are following my MBA program, you can see how I am finding creative ways to get educated! However, I have continued to listen to  books and I am committed to reviewing some of my recent ‘listens’  in the coming weeks:  Three Cups of Tea,  A Whole New Mind,  Outliers, Younger Next Year, an The Knack.

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