About Me

Bridget at her computerMy name is Bridget. I created this blog to encourage readers to overcome the biggest challenge of the 21st century: maintaining both a level of physical fitness AND an active mind, day by day. I intend to promote work-life balance in our hectic and busy lives.

During the day, I am a consultant with a Career Management company in Silicon Valley.  However, my past experiences in high tech, educational and non-profit sectors have fostered  a broad understanding of the world we live in, giving me insight into lifestyle, technology, and the overload of information in the 21st Century.  Because of this, you may find an occasional article related to any assortment of topics. More than anything, I hope to share audio book reviews with my readers.

Other interests include walking and occasional kayaking, hiking, cycling, and stargazing. I love spending time with family and friends, playing guitar and enjoying international cuisine (both cooking and eating!).

Because of my varied interests, a friend once teased me about having ADD. I’m happy to report that a career coach labeled me as a person with ‘Multiple Streams of Passion’! I don’t necessarily like labels, but I was relieved to hear that one! It’s better than ‘multiple streams of personality’!

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One Response to “About Me”

  1. Marthann Howes Says:

    What a GREAT idea combining the two, books and exercise! I am sure people will love this.
    Personally I actually enjoy reading books, or listening to audio tapes while driving long distances.The most recent book I listened to on tape was Eleanor Roosevelt (biography), and The World is Flat by Thomas Freidman. Cool idea!!!!!

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