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The Earbud Yo-Yo Solution
You know the problem. iPod earbuds are like Patagonian hunting weapons (bolas). No matter how carefully you coil them in your zip-top bag, they wrap themselves around each other and anything else nearby. You learn not to wait until you’re in public to get out your iPod. Too much nervous grinning as you pretend you intend the complex Gordian knot of white sound-delivering strands. The Earbud Yo-Yo is an economical solution to this entanglement.

But the best thing about the EARBUD YO-YO is it helps me find my Nano. The slate black iPod has dozens of books on it, yet can get lost in a small stack of papers. The EARBUD YO-YO takes up enough space and is colorful enough to be easily spotted in papers, computer bag or pack. Since I didn’t personalize my Nano (I’m not a slate); the EARBUD YO-YO fulfills that dimension. Checkout the options:

Covington's Earbud Yo-Yo

Covington’s Earbud Yo-Yo

Yes, it does a reasonable job of keeping the cord(s) from tangling. Not perfect, but good enough. And don’t worry about the bulk. It is VERY light weight…like it’s filled with helium. You won’t know it is there.

You may register for a free drawing to win an Earbud Yo-Yo’s at! Drawing to be held May 1.


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